Term: Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America – PhRMA

Description: The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) is made up of the country’s leading pharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies. The purpose and mission statement of the website is “to conduct effective advocacy for public policies that encourage discovery of important new medicines for patients by pharmaceutical/biotechnology research companies.” (phrma.org)

The company’s core goal as mentioned above is to constantly provide newer and better methods for the healthcare industry. The company’s strong devotion to the field of medicine has proven itself time and time again. The amount of investments the company has successfully pulled into the medical field is staggering. The members themselves alone have invested an estimated $44.5 billion in 2007 alone in the area of discovery and developing new medicines. As far as other investments go, they set a record in 2007 by receiving 58.8billion dollars in industry-wide research. (phrma.org)

PhRMA continues to be the leader in organizations concerned with the development of medicine and the field in general. In being one of the leaders they have strong ties with major organizations who test and release new medicines, allowing them the ability to get access to the latest and newest medicines. To name a few big name companies that have come into business with PhRMA are top brands like Bayer and Pfizer. (phrma foundation)


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Web Resources:

Phrma foundation


Phrma.org: http://phrma.org
Phrma foundation: http://phrmafoundation.org


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