Term: Philips Speech Recognition System - PSRS


The Philips Speech Recognition System allows physicians
to speak into a microphone and outputs what has been spoken
to a computer. Use of the product in the US has just begun. The
program received an award in speech recognition technology in
December of 2007. Nuance recently purchased PSRS for
$96.1 million. Nuance has faith that PSRS will be widely spread
and used amongst medical workers across the globe.
PSRS can recognize multiple languages. It adapts to your
speaking style over time so that the few mistakes that occur
early on, won't in the future. Initial training for use of PSRS takes
only 2 minutes. I could not find any drawbacks besides misinterpretation
of data being entered (the program not understanding what is
being said).
There are numerous amounts of benefits, but some of the greater
benefits to PSRS are:
  • Faster Report Turn Around Time
  • Flexible Working Habits
  • Greater Mobility
  • Keeps IT costs low
  • Improved quality of care for patients
  • Increased Transcription Productivity
  • Effective Communication and Increased Accessibility


Used by people in the medical field.

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