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Pill imprint identifiers are methods used to identify varying types of prescription or over the counter pills. Based on user descriptions including; color, shape, size, or imprinting, the program can match it with the correct pill, allowing users to find further information affiliated with a certain medication.

Web Applications:

Pill imprint identifiers are both available in online and print versions. Physician's Desk Reference, a reputable drug reference handbook, has photos of different pills in varying dosages. Online versions, like the applications available on WebMD or RxList, usually have more up-to-date information. A quick search of "pill imprint identification" provides a myriad of links that can identify what your pill is, what its used for, and the condition it treats.


Pill imprint identifiers are used for multiple purposes. People using multiple prescription medications, can use the identifiers to make sure they are taking the correct medication. Misplacing medications or errors made by pharmacies can be identified. People who are also using generic medications can use pill imprint identifiers to their advantage as well. Generic and brand name versions can be matched up with the identifier applications so that you know you are taking the correct medication. Often times patients pick up there prescriptions and open the bottle to find a different color pill or even a pill with different markings on it. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have the wrong medicine or dosage, but that the pharmacy is using a different vendor or that they have switched you to a generic brand or the pill design has changed. You can ask your pharmacist about this or you can use an online pill identifier.
Another use for pill identifiers are for finding out what pill in is your cabinet, your floor, or a pill that was unintentionally placed in your pill bottle. The ways pills are labeled provide a specific identification that is really very simple to look up.

Colors - Pills come in one of these colors: white, off-white, clear, black, grey, brown, tan, red, pink, orange, peach, yellow, green, blue, or purple
Shape: Pills come in one of these shapes: round, oblong, oval, square, rectangle, diamond, 3-sided, 5-sided, 6-sided, 7-sided, 8-sided.
Imprints: Pills can have a variety of imprints ranging from dosage, letters, words, and symbols

Why are pills Labeled?

Very simply put: there are hundred of thousands of prescription drugs. There isn't just one circle purple pill with 75mg on the front, there are probably quite a few. Being informed about your medication is important.

Mobile Apps:

A few apps are available for pill identification, including:

iPharmacy (Free)


MedConnections offers a medication guide application called iPharmacy which provides a drug identifier app called Pill ID for free. The Pill ID can be easily installed on the iPad, iPhone, or Android. This app allows individuals to quickly identify prescription drugs, view ratings on a drug, receive weekly deals from their local pharmacy, and get quick references for 20,000 medications. To identify a drug an individual can make two of three selections to identify the medication which are: imprint, shape, and color. The Pill ID provides 10,000 images of pills and their packaging that help with the identification of a drug. Once the drug has been identified he or she can then go to the Usage, Administration and Adverse Reactions screen to view details on how to administer the drug, dosage, and potential reactions to the drug. Included on this app is a comments page where individuals can read and leave comments about a particular drug. There is also a built in discount card for prescriptions that gives up to 75% off a current prescription. Maps and directions are provided as well to aid in finding a local discount pharmacy if an individual has trouble locating one. The iPharmacy Drug Guide and Pill ID App allows for useful on the spot identification of drugs when needed.

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