Practice Management Systems

A practice management system is software that can be used to manage the various information processes that occur in a medical office. Most practice management systems enable users to record patient demographics, bill patients, generate reports, and most importantly, schedule appointments. They are meant to aid in the day-to-day, behind the activities of a doctor's office and to improve workflow efficiency.

KODAK OPMS Practice Management Software delivers the basic tools you need to manage patient, payment, and scheduling information, and to communicate efficiently with patients and peers. OPMS software is completely integrated and easy to use.

Features and Benefits
Choose from a large collection of built-in reports or design your own. Cut through paper clutter and turn your data into simple, easy-to-follow reports. The intuitive database helps provide the information you need.
Spend more time practicing and less time on paperwork. Reap the benefits of insurance claims that are electronically processed from beginning to end. Monitor and track accounts receivable with ease.
With the user-friendly KODAK OPMS scheduling module, you can design your schedule to maximize the time you spend with patients. Options include flexibility in the number of chairs, time slots, locations, templates, and doctor time scheduling.
Automatically include patient-specific information in form letters. You can also have OPMS software prompt you to send letters after entering new patient or treatment information.
Everything you need to treat your patients is available chairside. The easy integration of the KODAK OPMS Patient Flow Module, KODAK OPMS Charting Module, KODAK Orthodontic Imaging Software, and KODAK Digital Imaging Systems can help take your clinic to a new level of efficiency.

ZyWin makes a competing PMS which focuses on financial management of a practice.

  • Monsterous time and money saving as ZyWin Automated Posting System (ZyWin APS) can post EOB claim information at over 12,000 service lines per minute, reducing hours to seconds. ZyWin APS is compatible with carriers using the ANSI 835 EDI format.
  • The ZyWin Appointment Calendar (ZAC) and scheduler closely integrate into patient demographics, referral tracking, encounter tracking, and recall tracking. Appointment scheduling is GUI based with customizable view by resource.
  • Cut costs and improve cash flow with Electronic Claim Submission to over 800 carriers for FREE!
  • Keeping medical claim software up-to-date with the latest changes is essential.
    ZyUpdateâ„¢ , included with system license, automatically performs updates from our Internet based secure server and is available 24/7.
  • ZyWin saves money through efficiencies, elimination of costs and virtually error-free transmissions.
  • ZyWin is easy to use and train staff members.
  • EDI ANSI 837 electronic claim submission is dire

Practice Management Systems are not limited to KODAK OPMS or ZyWin, but are produced my many different companies. Popular systems include Electronic Medical Assistant by Modernizing Medicine, Centricity by GE, WebPT EMR, ACOM Health by RAPID Software, and Eclipse. Most systems are designed to work hand and hand with an office's preexisting EMR. Features may differ among the softwares, but most produce the same outcome.

Because competition is rising, and more software options are being offered, there are noted trends in the offerings among systems, such as: mobile device support, systems on a cloud, and ICD-9 codes being phased out with ICD-10 codes. The new, upcoming, and predominant systems include these features and will accommodate the upcoming changes to the codes.