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The Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases (ProMEd) Mail is "among the largest of publically available emerging diseases and outbreak reporting systems in the world." ProMED, originated in 1994, has over 40,000 participants in 165 countries and is available in many diffenert external image promed_maplanguages such as english, spanish, portuguese, russian, french, and many others. The good thing about the ProMED program is that it is independent so diesases are reported in real time so they are free from government control. One incident that showed the world that we need ProMED more than ever was the SARS outbreak. With ProMED the world will be able to react quikly and do what is neccessary to control the outbreak.


ProMED Mail has a World Map that shows where each disease has been found. Also, the website publishes and transmits seven reports per day. The reports include:
  • infectious disease outbreaks
  • commentary from expert moderators
  • emerging animal diseases
  • diseases of agricultural diseases

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ProMED Mail
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