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Term: Project Health Design


Description: Project Health Design is a program sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson foundation. It is also funded by the California HealthCare Foundation. It's aim is to improve the use of Personal Health Record (PHR) technology. The focus is to develop user-centered information tracking. It is a challenge for research institutions to innovate PHR tools. Grant-sponsored teams are tasked to develop these technologies while cooperating with clinicians and patients.

Applications: Currently for the 2010 to 2012 phase, five teams are being challenged to develop new PHR technologies:

  • Carnegie Mellon University is researching technology to monitor the habits of old people who have arthritis and are at risk for cognitive decline;this will make their treatment more effective.

  • RTI International and Virginia Commonwealth University are trying to help patients with asthma and depression to get more data of their health in everyday life for treatment and self-monitoring. Patients will use smartphones, other mobile devices and biomonitors to create and report ODLs. Patients and their doctors will use ODLs to adjust life habits and medication regiments that will improve the management of their asthma and depression.

  • San Francisco State University,Berkley are trying to figure out how to implement data of ODLs through iPod Touch's to help low-income teens to prevent and treat obesity and depression.

  • University of California are researching the use of smartphone technology and bio-measures so patients can track ODLs such as digestive symptoms and weight loss, alongside indications of anemia, depression and fatigue. This will create a "patient-narrative" to help fight against Crohn's disease.

  • University of California, Irvine and Charles Drew University are working to create a specially designed mobile device, FitBaby, to gather ODLs on babies' temperaments, communication, feeding and sleeping activities as well as the caregivers' stress levels. This will be used to detect the early onset of health problems on high-at-risk infants.

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