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The Regenstrief Medical Records System (RMRS) is a physician-designed inpatient and outpatient information system. According to Indiana University School of Medicine, it is the largest coded, continuously operated medical records system in the United States. The RMRS covers the entire population of Indianapolis, Indiana (over 1.5 million patients) and has been operating continuously since 1973. It contains 660 million distinct observations. It was one of the first medical record systems to generate reminders to physicians about its own content. To date, the RMRS is the United States only citywide electronic medical records system, which serves as the day-to-day electronic health records system at several Indianapolis hospitals.

The RMRS has been the model for a number of commercial and academic medical record systems. The RMRS was created to improve the capture, analysis, content, and delivery of information needed by patients, health care providers, and policy makers, in order to improve efficiency and quality of health care.


The Regenstrief Medical Records System is used extensively at three hospitals on the Indiana University Medical Center campus and more than 30 Indianapolis clinics. The RMRS routinely captures laboratory results, narrative reports, orders, medications, radiology reports, registration information, nursing assessments, and other clinical data. The RMRS uses standardized codes for lab results, medical procedures, prescriptions, discharge summaries and other information for rapid reference. Access to records is password controlled and monitored, and transmitted data is encrypted. Because of the system's success, commercial versions of RMRS software are being marketed internationally. Using this software, medical facilities create their own patient databases. Should this software and accompanying standards be adopted nationally, it could facilitate development of Health Information Networks on both state and federal levels in the US.


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