Term: Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Description: Remote Patient Monitoring is a form of medical treatment under the telemedicine branch. It has traditionally been utilized by making used of telephone lines to monitor and manage patients living at home. This monitoring can be done over broadband connections, satellite networks, or even cellular networks.
Recent updates to the Remote Patient Monitoring system have been made in support of trying to make this system wireless and mobile. For example, Motorola has put in money in efforts of making this system mobile on the hospital’s side. With the ability of nurses to check and make needed adjustments to patient care while being mobile, this enables the nurses to be able to do much more than they could if they were stuck in one room or constantly roaming to central nursing stations.

Applications: For years, hospitals have been trying to reduce the massive costs that medical practices entail. Many believe that RPM may be the cure for this. Advances such as making sensors that measure vital signs and symptoms as small as pills will save money and valuable time and resources from constant patient visits to the hospital for routine check-ups.

In the News:

  • "Cytta Mobile Health: Wanted: Future MHealth Doctors to Test our New Fully Operational Mobile Health Remote Patient Monitoring System," /PRNewswire/ -- Cytta Corp (OTCQB:CYCA), 2012
    • Possible Contact: John PerezDirector of CommunicationsBusiness Development Office 702-900-7022 Direct: 949-280-4323CyttaPR@Gmail.com
    • "Cytta MHealth has successfully deployed and launched a complete MHealth solution for doctors and medical professionals across the nation and is now looking for MHealth doctors who want to be a part of the innovation and unique nature of our MHealth system."
    • "Doctors working with Cytta will be the first using a highly scalable, mobile platform able to collect verifiable and objective data for anyone requiring FDA approved monitoring. The Cytta system utilizes FDA approved medical testing devices of our medical partners, our proprietary Cytta medical cell phones and our proven Cloud based instant Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platform."
    • http://www.equities.com/news/news-headline-story?dt=2012-10-24&val=625273&d=1&cat=headline

  • "AT&T 4G to power Embedded Wireless mPERS, home monitoring," by Neil Versel, 2012
    • external image 01.jpg
    • "Embedded Wireless Labs, a Dallas-based maker of a remote patient monitoring platform and a new mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS), has signed an exclusive deal with AT&T to add 4G LTE connectivity to its products."
    • "Specifically, the Zilant Wellness Platform, already available in a 3G version, is centered around a base station that takes readings from Bluetooth and ZigBee home medical devices and uploads data over the wireless Internet connection to a server that authorized caregivers can access. The new offering, which Embedded Wireless promises to launch at an unspecified time before the end of the year, adds 4G LTE connectivity as well as support for an mPERS pendant."
    • http://mobihealthnews.com/18744/att-4g-to-power-embedded-wireless-mpers-home-monitoring/

  • Reduces cost of healthcare
  • Allows patients to receive care from the comfort of their home
  • Reduces the traveling hassels with elderly and overweight patients.
  • Empowers patients by allowing them to take monitor their own healthcare.


Remote Patient Monitoring System with Focus on Antenatal Care:

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Nurse and patient video-conferencing (Credit: Intel Australia) sourced from ZD net
Nurse and patient video-conferencing (Credit: Intel Australia) sourced from ZD net