Remote Surgery

Remote Surgery is an advanced Robotic Surgery. Robotic Surgery has been around for awhile but technology advances has made it possible for a surgeon to utilize the techniques from virtually anywhere in the world. It allows for surgery patients to receive the best care in the world at whatever location is most convenient for them.

September 7, 2001 marks the date of the Lindbergh Operation, a gallbladder operation taking place on opposite ends of the Atlantic Ocean. During that time a dedicated fiber optic connection was required to ensure maximum connectivity at the time of the operation's execution, attempting to eliminate downtime.

Since then, remote surgery has been conducted many times in numerous locations. To date , even VPNs are being used over regular telecommunications with regular traffic and are still having record breaking success rates.

Remote surgery is even being considered for use on space missions. Instead of including a doctor or surgeon on future space missions, a robotic doctor will accompany the crew so that in the event treatment is needed, a doctor on Earth may perform the necessary surgery remotely.


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