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Restless leg syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is a brain disorder that causes problem for a person when they are trying to go to sleep. This is an often a disease that can be confused with people who show signs of being overly anxious and thus be overlooked as a common problem that does not need to be looked into until it is too late. The symptoms that can be overlooked for this disorder is leg pain being associated during times of resting only alleviated with when the person is in an active state or when the person has intense moments of pain in the leg region during the night (Smith et al, 2014).

There are many tools to help patients experiencing this disorder. One such tool is the Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine Specialty EHR. What this tool does is help make the interaction between the patient and the physician more instantaneous since the patient can now have more data with the patient more on the fly and be able to monitor them directly with the portable device. This is very useful since it helps the connect the patient and physician in a close relationship through technology and helps keep communication at an all time high for monitoring and management of patient records (Sleep Medicine Specific EMR/EHR Software, 2013)

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