Thagard Health: 89%

Very good idea and good job on the presentation.

Great presentation

Seems very applicable.

Good luck on that iSpace problem.

Some of the font colors were inappropriate/hard to view due to the background color being white. Overall, this app is going to be very beneficial to the university community. I wish we could have seen a demo.

is there an actual app?

Really enjoyed the multi-media presentation, the unorthodox transition style kept me interested. Project seemed well thought out and useful. To bad they trusted ispace.

Powerpoint flooded with information. Too many information were put on a single silide.

I thought the purpose of the application was very useful, but generally speaking, I don't think the group's app has the potential to provide additional services/benefits in the future. I liked how the group used Prezzi to present their information and ideas - very creative! (Although, for some reason, the top part of the presentation was cut off the screen.) The prototype app they made was well developed for a demo; using LiveCode seemed to be a good idea, considering how intuitive it makes app developing.

The presentation was very organized. And you picked a great way to present it. Decent demo. Definitely in the developing stage but good start

The prototype looked really good. I think that this would be an app that the university would actually use -- I know I would if this was an option. The only thing I would suggest is making it a little more pleasing design wise...the colors and typeface make it look a little dated.

I like how they focused on fsu and that they wanted to expand to other universities.

The prototype has potential, but it obviously still needs some work before it actually goes live. The purpose and concepts of the app has been well thought out and shows the void in the market where this app can fill.

Awesome app. Even though some of the font colors were a little too bright for for the white background. The demo was really great. I thought there wasn't going to be a demo at first. I look forward to seeing this app come to fruition. Good Job!!!

I liked the layout of the presentation... it was pretty neat. I also liked the demo of the app. It really seemed like you guys worked well together and were very knowledgeable about the topic you chose. iSpace completely SUCKS when it comes to the database so I totally understand. Great job and great idea! In the future, you all should consider dressing up for presentation.

The only one who dressed up was Steven (from what I could see). Good presentation anyway.

Presentation kind of got me dizzy with the flying around through each slide and picture, to be honest. Otherwise, great stuff.

Very interesting idea, a shame the database was down so we couldn't see all of it. Main critique is the powerpoint was kind of cheesy with all the animation. Felt it was unnecessary and distracting to the project, which was clearly well put together and seems like a good idea.

I like that they are actually like that they are progressing with this and truly developing it.

Who would monitor the information coming in?

Very long presentation, but good work.

Spend less time reading off of slides and more time engaging the audience. Whoever spoke last and did the demo did a good job. Great idea hope to see it in the itunes store.

Good description of the app. It's unfortunate that the ispace database was down.

you should show an hourly schedule that shows open times. So users can see open slots.

Very good presentation! This presentation was obviously well-thought out. I can definitely see this application being implemented for real. I only worry about HIPAA laws interfering with this app actually becoming a reality.

I think this has been the most complete project as of yet.I actually don't have a ton to say besides the obvious, that it was a well-done piece of teamwork. Maybe if you touched on how the process would flow if you had insurance already and needed to bypass thagard's insurance, it would be helpful to those respective people.

Good Presentation. The team definitely worked hard and presented the materials clearly. They use of Prezi made the presentation even better.

a cool way to show a non-functional app. Convenient for thsoe that forget to renew their health record. Suggest that a reminder email be sent out to students via FSU with an option of advertising this app.

Database Diagram and Webpage Link:


The mock design needs to be implemented
Demonstarte bump through videos
link to appt scheduler
check insurance
RIght now you have a schematic -- there is one month to actual make some of this work

Executive Summary

Ebe Randeree’s Health Informatics Class is pleased to present Florida State University with this business proposal for the Thagard Health App. As Information Technology majors, our group understands the dynamics of the health related technology market and recognizes the unique opportunity to create a mobile application for Florida State Students.
Having examined Thagard’s current system, we are confident our proposed application will effectively build upon the foundation already in place. Our goal is to assist students in having a more convenient method of checking their insurance status, while also being able to communicate with Thagard officials more efficiently. By availing itself to our services, Florida State students will:
v Have a more convenient way to purchase, check the status of and renew their insurance
v Be able to check into Thagard using Bump Technology
v Receive tips on staying healthy while on campus
v Schedule appointments
v Leave messages for Thagard Physicians
Our unique ability to design and develop this application makes us an invaluable partner in FSU’s drive to create an unprecedented health system for its students. We look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship with Thagard Health Center.

Proposed Plan

  • Students who take advantage of Florida State’s medical insurance are required to go through the process of purchasing and/or renewing their insurance through Thagard once a year. These renewals for thousands of students come at staggered increments throughout that calendar year. With our Thagard Health App, students can conveniently check the status of their insurance and if necessary, have the ability to renew or update with a few taps of the finger. Students will also be able to make payments through the app. If a student is not comfortable entering their credit/debit card number on the app, they can submit payment using their FSU card number instead.
  • It is our understanding that the new EMR system implements a cold fusion database to store and recall student records. Upon researching this language we learned that cold fusion is capable of data retrieval from common enterprise systems such as Active Directory, LDAP, SMTP, POP, HTTP, FTP, Microsoft Exchange Server and is compatible with common data formats such as RSS and Atom. This means that our application will be able to “piggy back” this system relatively easy.
  • There are many websites that assist in application development for all types of mobile devices. So far one company that we have grown fond of is APP INNOVATORS ( The business is based locally in Tallahassee and prices are very reasonable, varying with the amount of work.
  • Barring any unforeseen obstacles we are optimistic that our application will be completed by the summer and beta testing will begin during the summer semester once the development process commences.

Application Mock-Up


INITIAL Project Description

Our idea is to develop a Mobile Heath Application. The initial plan is to give students the ability to update and renew their insurance information directly from their mobile devices, making it easy and quick. A secondary prospective aspect will be the ability to link student medical records from Thagard Health Center to a mobile app that can be used to access the records from wherever, and whenever the need should arise. This encompasses a range of features, from validating a class absence to having medical records readily available when students are out of town and see their primary care physician; as well as updating insurance information. The incentive for FSU is to help students keep better track of and update their records and information while diminishing the blurred line between a students’ home physician and treatment while attending FSU. This in turn would make students more comfortable with using Thagard Health Center on campus when they are unable to see their primary care physician.

The only problem with this idea is that organizations like HIPAA are very strict about privacy. The main challenge with patient privacy is actually protecting the patient from the patient (as odd as that sounds). Because of this we are going to gradually try and integrate the use of medical records readily available through an app securely, but it will not initially be the backbone of this project. Instead, we are tackling the inconvenience of insurance renewal for FSU students. Every student is required to go through the agonizing process of renewing their insurance through Thagard once a year. These renewals for the thousands of students come at staggered increments throughout the semester. So for example, some students have to renew in the fall, some in the winter, some in the spring, etc. With our Thagard Health App, students can conveniently check the status of their insurance, and if necessary, have the ability to renew or update through the app right at their fingertips. We have also discussed other ideas, such as being able to make appointments, leave messages for a physician, check-in using blue-tooth bump technology, and make note of what illnesses may be prominently spreading on campus.


Angelo Bravo, Joel Koshy, Steven Ramirez, Brendan Savage, Alan Miller, Cedric Zackary

Main Deliverable

Our goal is to create and develop a software application for mobile devices.

- What will the Main Deliverable do? (how does this solve the problems you have mentioned in your intro)
The main deliverable is the software application for mobile devices. The Thagard Health App will primarily provide easy access for students in updating and renewing insurance information/records. Simple form input will allow students using this app to zap records directly to Thagard saving time and providing a convenient way updating and renewing their information. Another proposed function of the app may include access to medical records directly on mobile devices. We are facing some issues, as medical record access may have privacy issues. We must do more research in order to meet HIPAA compliance and maintain secure access to health records.


After doing some research, we realized there are no competitors since our App is for a niche market. there is no college campus in the US that has a health center application that can renew insurance information for a student anywhere. Our idea is a unique one. Although there are similar mobile apps and services, no one has proposed accessing medical records through a mobile app, possible due to the fact that HIPAA has strict policies on privacy.
Similar services include:
WebMD (New York):
WebMD provides health information services. It allows people to check their symptoms, access drug and treatment information, and get first aid tips on the web and on mobile devices. There’s also a neat pill ID too that lets you identify prescription drugs and over the counter medications by pill shape, color, and imprint.

iTriage (Healthagen LLC - Lakewood, CO):
iTriage is a free mobile and web application that helps people identify any health problems and how/where to seek treatment. The app allows people to use a body avatar to identify their symptoms and then uses location-based technology to find the closest clinic relative to their location.

PatientsLikeMe (Cambridge, MA):
PatientsLikeMe is basically a data-driven, social networking site for patients with chronic conditions. The health site enables members to network while sharing condition, treatment, and symptom information in order to monitor their health over time. While not an application, this site does have a podcast series that is accessible on mobile devices.

WellDoc (Baltimore, MD):
WellDoc is a healthcare company that uses technology to improve disease management outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. Several clinics are in the midst of clinical trials with this program that transmits blood glucose levels and other diabetes information to the physician’s EHR to help coordinate care. They provide a wide variety of products and services that go beyond mobile apps.

Reasons why your product/service beats your competitors or offers something different:
We feel that our app can compete with the competitors on a certain level, because apps such as iTriage focus on the general public who are unaware of the existence of such apps. We will be marketing this app to a niche group -- college students. Since our primary focus is on students on the university campus, we feel that we have a better chance in spreading the word as the majority of students have some sort of smartphone or tablet device, and spend considerable amount of time on their mobile devices. It makes things relatively quicker and easier, especially for students who tend to spend more time manually entering insurance information and trying to obtain health information. In turn, we feel that the students would be the early adopters of the app because of its simplicity and ease of use/access. If the app gains popularity, we may project growth from that point forward.

Group Info

Available Resources: (people on team, skills of people) - what’s missing (what will strengthen your team/product/service)Alan will be meeting with the director of Thagard in the near future as he is on board with our idea. This will be beneficial as we will have details as well as some outside perspective on how this application could succeed in the real world. One thing that is missing is the lack of an experienced programmer on our team that can develop the application. On the other hand, we have the ability to excel in designing the app in detail.
Angelo Bravo- Assisting with developing ideas and developing mobile app. Research for better understanding what the consumers would want out of the app.
Joel Koshy- Research the competitors such as ‘iTriage’ and other apps. Find details on how to make our app stand out from the rest. Also, I would try to help in developing the app to the best of my knowledge.
Steven Ramirez- Keeping group wiki page up to date. Revised and added content. Continuing to do research. Help with developing app.
Alan Miller - Head developer, in charge of delegating responsibilities.
Brendan Savage - Database designer, making a conceptual model of how students and physicians can interact with the app, and with each other.
Cedric Zachary -

Project Timeline

10/11/11 - Continue to do research and begin preliminary stages in designing the application.
10/16/11 - Have a concrete design and sufficient content for creating the application.
10/23/11 - Create a basic application. Testing and debugging will begin.
10/28/11 - Have a completed prototype.


We feel that college students will greatly benefit from an application like this because it provides the ease and convenience of checking their insurance status and viewing their medical records on an mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet. In addition, university professors can determine if student absences have legitimate excuses by viewing the health records or clinic admissions that are displayed through this application.

MOCK Design/Prototype

Sample Product/Service:
(Edited by Steven)AppMockup.png


Possible Resources (edited by Ren, resources available via FSU online journals):

Reconciliation of the cloud computing model with US federal electronic health record regulations
Eugene J Schweitzer

JAMIA 2011;amiajnl-2011-000162Published Online First: 4 July 2011 doi:10.1136/amiajnl-2011-000162

PASTE: patient-centered SMS text tagging in a medication management system
Shane P Stenner, Kevin B Johnson, Joshua C Denny
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