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Description: SHPS (Pronounced "Ships") is a healthcare and human resources services company that is based on passionate, client-driven innovation in order to simplify healthcare. Their headquarters is in Louisville, Kentucky with 8 satellite offices in Atlanta, GA, Chico, CA, Minneapolis, MN, Philadelphia, PA, Raleigh, North Carolina, Seattle, WA, Scottsdale, AZ, and Walnut Creek, CA. SHPS, Inc was formed in 1997 when Skyes Enterprises and Health Plan Services joined together. In 2000, SHPS, Inc was purchased by Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, the largest private equity investor in information and business services, healthcare, and communications. Between 2001 and 2004, SHPS aquired CareWise, Inc., eBenX, Inc., National Health Services, Inc., and Landacorp, Inc. which in turn made them one of the leading management and human resource companies in health care. SHPS, Inc. targets large market organizations (10,000+ employees), mid-market organizations (1,000–10,000 employees) and federal, state and local governments. SHPS is a support and wrap around company, which means it does not provide the primary care or the insurance, but it attempts to make the services offered in the healthcare world more accessible to consumers.

In 2009, SHPS kept up its reputation for being the leading provider of health improvement and health benefits solutions by receiving nine awards for health care communication from the 2009 National Health Information Awards program. A few things they were awarded for were their Carewise Wellness Program workbook for both nutrition and pre-disease, Carewise Guide: Self-Care From Head To Toe book, and for their weight management and exercise programs.

Medical Management Software:
  • CareRadius Suite
Health Advocacy:
  • Enhanced decision support
  • Integrated programs
Condition Management:
  • Risk Management
  • Personal care Plans
  • Web and print communications
Wellness Solutions:
  • Health Assessment
  • Health Promotions
  • Health Coaching

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CareRadius suite:

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Health Consumerism
Management consulting



SAS Enterprise provides the engine making analysis of SHPS' data more advance

Benefits Administration that is offered by SHPS

One of the benefits of SHPS is the eligibility and enrollment services offered. This supports high volume, multi-carrier transaction processing. It captures employer-paid benefits such as disability and retirements. Another one of the benefits are spending accounts. One example of this would be the healthcare savings accounts. They are employee owned accounts that are linked to high-deductible health plans, and they permit unused funds to earn interest. Also there are roll-over health reimbursement arrangements. They are funded by employers and they reimburse their employees for healthcare expenses if they qualify. The funds that are not used by the employee roll over to the next year and the year after if there are still funds that are available to the employees.

Carewise Health

Carewise Health helps organizations keep their employees obtain better personal health. This being done also helps better control healthcare costs. The healthier the employee, the more days they are available to provide their skills to a particular organization. In promoting better personal health for their employees, organizations will see a decline in sick days taken by their employees. The programs offered by Carewise Health help their members obtain better health and wellness and obtain better overall health skills to carry over while absent from the program. Carewise Health works with Landacorp by creating care management software that allows more efficient collaboration between health plans and their providers and members. There is also a Medical Bill Review that helps to better ensure that employees are getting properly billed for the use of such programs.


Farm to Table program

SHPS in Kentucky was the first private company to use the Farm to Table program. What happens in this program is that a Farmers Market uses one of their buildings and they offer fresh fruits and vegetables that can be purchased by the employees. This benefits employees by providing cheaper produce that they may have not purchased on there own in a super market. This also provides farmers with another source of income by including business organizations among the supermarkets that they farm throughout the year for. These markets encourage employees as well as their employers to bypass unhealthy eating in the office cafeteria and snack machine for healthy, cost efficient, and easily accessible alternatives. The Farm to Table program along with the other programs offer by SHPS create a more healthier environment for an organizations employees. Healthier employees better benefit an organization.

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