Samsung Health (sHealth)

What is it?

Samsung health (sHealth) is basically an application that you have on any Samsung device and it basically helps you manage your health and stay in good shape. Subsequently it also helps you to set fitness goals, stay informed of your progress and on the good path to achieve overall good health. This application is basically a record of your daily health on your android phone and that could be very useful to you in times of need. It keeps track of how many calories you burn every day and can help you design a diet of your choice. Even though it is just a cellphone application, it covers various aspects of health and wellness. It has a simple yet innovative design and comes with a lot of built in functions such as a nutrition diary which keeps track of your diet and a pedometer which counts how many steps you take in a day.
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This application has a lot of built in features that help you maintain in good shape and have a proper diet. Some of the futures are:

The heart rate monitor:

The heart rate monitor is a small camera like object in the back of the phone with a red light. All you have to do is go to the application press on this feature and place your finger on the heart rate monitor and your phone will give you your heartbeats per minute. This feature is very accurate because it is said that it provides very close results to a chest strap monitor which is a very reliable tool to measure your heart rate.

S Health's coach:

This feature basically makes your phone your personal trainer and provides you with suggestions for workouts and even diet. It begins by asking you very simple questions and helps you build a very healthy lifestyle if you follow its instructions. It even provides you with a lifestyle score when you answer your questions.


This feature basically keeps track of how much you walk in a day and how many steps you take but it also has the exercise option which helps you keep count of how many calories you burn. This feature is also very accurate and even tells you how much distance you covered in a day.


This feature includes activities such as running, cycling, hiking, and walking. Basically the same as the pedometer but more in depth with what kind of exercise you are performing. It also counts how many calories you burn and how much distance you covered. In addition, it also has a GPS feature and you can listen to music while you exercise.


This application is very practical and has many simple yet good uses. The features it provides are extensive and in addition to that it even helps you make your health better and have a sane lifestyle. Subsequently, it also keeps a record of your progress and tells you how you could improve it and set new goals. Besides the obvious advantages, sHealth is open to accepting new applications and even integrate them into the initial application which is very helpful if you like customizing. The application is very accurate for its use and has very practical applications in real life.