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A process of protecting and managing sensitive data ( sometimes medical) that can be transferred beyond corporations and organizations and still maintain compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA*Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and SOX*Sarbanes-Oxley Act. This process is done by means of using servers that can commuincate with one another without the installation of special software or encrypted keys. They will use the same kind of "secure" authentification that is utilized by many online banking instituitons, such as Bank of America.


Microsoft Forefront, Sigba, Domino 6, McAfee


Secure messaging uses a communication system of handshakes and acknowledgement of security to provide a Secure SSL-connection.
  1. The user sends an email message and sends it through an encrypted connection to the messaging server telling the secured sever to communicate with the end user that a file is being sent
  2. The end user is notified through an email that a secure message is on the secure server waiting to be downloaded. The end user is asked to download the message through a secure link
  3. The user communicates with the end user providing an unlock code * a password* that allows them to download the message that is being held.
  4. The secured files such as medical records, financial information, contracts, business plans, resumes, and loan documents are able to be accessed now and downloaded by the end user.

Currently Secure messaging provides several different methods of sending the message: Secured web interface( similar to online banking), S/MiMME or PGP encrypted communication( similar to blackberry email communications when set up in a corporate network.

There are currently no software requirements for secure messaging. Only a valid email address and an internet connection with a current version of the web browser the user is using.

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