Siemens Pocket Ultrasound

The first hand-held ultrasound screening device designed for physicians, nurses, EMTs and clinical professionals. Ultrasound imaging lets doctors and clinical professionals a way to see pictures of the inside of the body by using high-frequency sound waves. Unlike x-rays which use ionizing radiation, ultrasound images are captured in real time, they can show the structure and movement of internal organs using a noninvasive medical test.

Siemens has developed a pocket ultrasound to allow easier mobility around medical centers. Using a hand-held ultrasound device allows doctors and caregivers a way to quickly examine a patient who might be in life or death situations or used by EMTs without taking up a huge amount of space. Ultrasound can be used to help physicians diagnose symptoms like pain, swelling, and infection. It can be used to examine the heart and blood vessels, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, as well as many other internal organs.

ACUSON P10 System Features
  • At 1.6 lbs (.725kg), the first pocket ultrasound device
  • Designed for ease of use with an intuitive PDA-style user interface
  • Ready anywhere, anytime with instant power-up
  • High-quality images (fundamental and harmonic 2D-mode)
  • Industry-standard USB port for information sharing, upgrades
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This equipment has become available for $ 3,450.


The Siemens Pocket Ultrasound can be used for Emergency Medicine, Cardiology, and by OB/GYN. The compact device makes it easy access when an emergency occurs. This can help eliminate delays in emergency processes such as finding an available machine. Can be used to examine blood flow at an immediate point of time. and can be used by OB/GYNs to view fetuses and comprehensive examine with a less intrusive feeling than a bigger machine.

New technology being used within the HIT field:

Studies have shown that Facetime can be used to teach Ultrasound Techniques

A study taken in San Diego, California mounted an Iphone 4 or Ipod on to a PUD facing the PUD display scree. Using Apple Factime an ultrasound can be wireless transmitted to an offsite cardiologist to help train for Cardiac Limited Ultrasound Exam (CLUE).

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According to UMI here are 10 reasons to why you should purchase one of these devices.

1.Physicians trained in ultrasound can provide more comprehensive clinical services to their patients
2.In-office ultrasound exams improve patient care by comparing physical exams, bloodwork and complete patient history
3.Conduct real time evaluation of area of concern
4.Evaluate pathology and decide on next steps faster, saving the patient time and money
5.Diversify patient service offerings and meet the healthcare demands of an aged population
6.Perform biopsies or joint injections using ultrasound guidance with 99% accuracy
7.Preventive care includes ultrasound screening, improving patient care
8.Remain competitive with peers offering same services
9.Increase billing revenue for practice
10. Expand practice growth to take portable ultrasound mobile to other locations

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