Smart Clothes

Smart clothes show the integration of technology with clothes through the use of tiny devices that can transmit data about the user’s vital signs and environment. Smart clothing also allows for generation of energy for consumption. It converts the energy of our natural movements into a usable energy source via nano electric fibers. This energy source could be a possible way to save energy.


In particular, smart clothes allows for the immediate check up of the vital signs of individuals in dangerous (combat, medical, hazardous) situations to be monitored. This ensures their safety by enabling the medical personnel to know when assistance is needed.

If doctors and nurses were to receive an alert of a patient’s body showing signs of illness, then they would be able to contact that patient immediately. This would allow the patient to make the changes necessary to stabilize the vital signs. This would also allow for the patient to make less frequent visits to the doctor. Thus, decreasing the price of healthcare for that user.

Smart clothes could use the energy from our bodies and enable that energy to power the other peripherals on the clothing, or the devices on the users body. For example, your iPhone, MP3 Player, Bluetooth, all these could be powered by the energy our bodies produce on the daily.


Smart clothes technology is able to monitor the user's body information, such as heart rate, blood pressure, etc. This technology would offer real time monitoring for nurses and doctors. Thus, enhancing the user's well being.

The University of California at Berkeley and Stanford University, are working on the development of materials to enable the storage of energy inside clothing.

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