Snoring is a loud sound that is made while you are asleep. Everyone, however, don’t snore. Some people snore from day one and some

snore when they are tired. Snoring can be a sign of a disorder. The disorder is called sleep apnea. Sleep Apnea is defined as not breathing

for more than 10 seconds while you sleep.


People snore for all different reasons. There are many overweight people and people who smoke that snore. The causes of this are many

overweight people snore because of the excess fat around their throat while sleeping. However, the cause of the smokers is simply

because they smoke. The bad habit they have started has weakened their throats. Also people who tend to sleep on their back seem to

snore a little.

Here are a couple of tips to cure snoring:

Sleep on your side, not on your back

Sleep with your head higher than your body

Try sleeping with additional pillows or without pillows altogether

Surgery for snoring is a serious and expensive procedure, and only for those with extremely severe cases that can't be cured any other way. See your physician if you think this applies to you.

Honestly people can’t say that they don’t snore. Because at one point I was one of those person, until I went to bed very exhausted one night. I had to be waked up because my snoring irritated my family members. Also, when my little brother was one year old, he had his tonsils removed. As he got older, he begins to snore. I don’t know if the tonsils were the case, but he was the loudest thing in the house.