State Health Agency (SHA)

The state health agencies or SHA, are agencies of state governments whose main target focus is that particular state’s public health. State health agencies all fall under the U.S. Department of health and human services which is run by the deputy secretary. The state health agencies are made up of a network of local health departments (LHD) within that state which make up that state’s state health agency. Some of the responsibilities of the state health agencies vary by state, but include such services as preventive medicine, the licensing of healthcare professional, vaccinations and the collection and storage birth certificates and death certificates to name a few.


The way in which state health agencies are applied into health informatics is that it is a health agency that must rely on advancing and evolving technologies to be more efficient in the duties that they do. The collection and storing alone of birth and death certificates shows an example of how software such SQL in data warehousing can be of the utmost importance. Because state health agencies are also a network of linked local health agencies or departments, then the transferring of sensitive information is one of these agencies priorities.


The benefits of having a state health agency in place is have a defining and set structure to how the responsibilities are managed with their perspective states’ departments. For example, keeping records of those healthcare professionals whom you have licensed within your state is just one important role that having these agencies at a state level can have. It can get confusing or downright chaotic if you licensed a healthcare professional in another state and allowed said professional in another state where the practicing laws are perhaps different.

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