Term: Symantec Healthcare Provider

A growing trend in the health care sector is the utilization of technology to lower costs and improve patient care. These technologies are increasingly being used to connect and share information between hospitals, doctors offices, clinics, research institutions, and other entities. Managing these connections, ensuring privacy regulation compliance as well as internal security standards, is what Symantec HealthCare Provider was designed for.

Specifically, Symantec Healthcare Provider:
Tightens Security by hardening endpoints (servers, work stations, databases, mobile devices, etc.) and protects the data in any state (at rest, in motion, and in use)

Improves Storage by improving the manageability of resources across a heterogeneous environment. Healthcare Provider can dynamically move data around in response to client's needs. For instance, active patient records can be relocated automatically to a fast-access server, while the inactive patients are stored on a slower, commodity server.

Decreases Complexity for IT staff by centralizing management of multiple devices. This centralized management simplifies software installations and upgrades. This translates into less down time as a result of IT involvement.


Symantec Healthcre Provider is a solution for a variety of clients, including:
CareGroup Healthcare System
Kettering Medical Center Network
Baptist Health South Florida

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