Term: TLC-HEAT (Telephone Linked Care - Healthy Eating and Activity Today)

TLC-HEAT is an obesity prevention program for children. The program recognizes that obesity is a growing problem amongst poverty stricken children. TLC-HEAT is a low cost program to engage children in diet awareness and weght management. TLC-HEAT is an automated dialer which calls participants three times a week. The dialer calls the children and engages in conversations that assess behaviors, monitor behaviors, and provides behavior counseling. The resulting data inputed by participant children is recorded in their Electronic Health Record (EHR) for reference by their physician.

As obesity is a problem plagueing the country as a whole, TLC-HEAT is applicable nationwide. As an automated service, it can be utilized by most health communities at little cost. The TLC-HEAT system will guide children in the early stages of overweight (i.e., children with Body Mass Index (BMI) 0-3 BMI points above the 95th percentile for age and gender) toward healthy weight management and assist the child's parents and primary care provider (PCP) to support the child's efforts.

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