Term: Telemedicine for Strokes (Telestroke)
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Definition: Telemedicine is defined as the use of telecommunications technology in a clinical health care setting. According to Medicaid.gov, telemedicine involves at a minimum audio and video equipment. Telemedicine for strokes or Telestroke is the use of telemedicine technology in the intervention of acute ischemic strokes. Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States and recovery is dependent upon quick and timely treatment. Neurologists are able to remotely evaluate patients and make diagnoses and treatment recommendations. Clot-busting drugs may only be authorized by specialists and can have severe side effects if administered improperly. This technology allows specialists to intervene in low resource or rural areas. Specialists are now able to examine stroke patients with videoconferencing tools and quickly share diagnostic images such as, CAT scans and MRIs. Two-way audio and visual technology allows doctors to administer medicine in a timely manner. Underserved communities benefit from the virtual neurological expertise which can be delivered bedside from any remote location with electricity, internet, and a computer. Telemedicine can help in assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of stroke victims.

Applications: INTOUCH HEALTH has successfully sold Remote Presence robots which use robotics, wireless, and the internet to go bed-side to patients. This gives neurologists the ability to diagnose earlier and more accurately than by telephone. Additionally, applications used in treatment such as ResolutionMD must integrate EHRs and diagnostic imaging to provide a clear picture to physicians.
The technology is easily understandable and gives the highest level of care available. Patients are more comfortable knowing who is caring for them, further providing deeper trust and better care within the doctor/patient relationship.
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