UP by Jawbone

In today’s sedentary world the Up by Jawbone tracks your daily activity and is designed increase awareness of your overall health. The wristband works with the iPhone app and focuses on getting people to move more, sleep better, and eat smarter. The promotions are Eat Up, Wake Up, Get Up. This product is waterproof, lightweight; the material is comfortable and does not irritate your skin while wearing, allowing someone to wear it 24/7. Up is interactive and incorporates today's social niches into the program through the community challenges online and the ability to share your tracking experience with everyone else.

The cost of the product is $99.99 and was just released. The band comes in three different sizes; small, medium, and large. A extra large size is in production now. The wrist band is water resistant but only up to one minute, with a battery life of up to 10 days if fully charged.

Eat Up

Helps you understand how different foods affect you. Up makes it easy just start by taking a photo of your meal that's in front of you. After every meal Up checks up on you, asking you how you feel. Depending on your response it will help you discover foods that will help you feel better. This is an invaluable teaching tool to help you learn what is best for you and give you the control and knowledge to make healthier decision.

Get Up

Movement is a key factor in being healthy. Up has a technology sensor that tracks your every move; steps, distance, pace, intensity level, calories burned and active vs. inactive time. This gives you a more accurate measure of the calories you are burning when you work out. If you have been inactive for to long Up will vibrate to remind you to start moving.

Wake Up

Tracks your entire sleep pattern: hours slept, time to fall asleep, sleep phases, waking moments and compiles your overall sleep quality. The band has micro movement sensors that work with algorithms that allow it to track sleep patterns and display the information in easy to read graphs.


It has been proven that changing to a healthier lifestyle is easier when you are not doing it by yourself. Up opens that door for you to get to know people who have the same goals as you and can suggest challenges to help improve the way you feel. You allows you to challenge, compete, support, and collaborate with friends, family, and others competing in the same challenges. The Challenge offers challenges from 24 Hour Fitness, DailyFeats, and GE Healthimagination. Successful completion of the challenges offers rewards like $5 gift certificates to bars or restaurants or $75 off hotel stays. To view or join some of the challenges, click the Community header.


Up is powered by Motion X to be durable, easy to wear, motion sensitive wrist band that can be worn 24/7.
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Technical Specifications

  • iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S
  • iPod Touch 4th Generation
  • iPad & iPad2
Software: iOS 4.1
Version: 1.3
Size: 9.9 MB


Jawbone Up
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