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Patient Engagement Systems, formerly Vermedx® Inc., is a decision-support healthcare information technology company currently focused on the diabetes market. The company provides a patent-pending chronic disease treatment decision support platform delivering its solution to customers via software-as-a-service, as well as via email, fax and postal mail. Vermedx’s initial customers include: Vermont Managed Care and Fletcher Allen, as well as the cities of San Antonio, TX and New York, NY.
Patient Engagement Systems improves the coordination, compliance and overall management of primary care patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and chronic kidney disease.
The PES platform provides value for both providers and patients and ensures that treatment plans and guidelines are more closely adhered to. PES supports physician decision-making by providing population-based and patient-specific clinical detail about treatment patterns and clinical indications for patients with chronic conditions. The PES solution also provides clear and concise communications that providers use to motivate their patients to engage in their care plan. This integrated, comprehensive approach enables healthcare providers to:
  • Improve clinical operations by automatically delivering information that engages and activates patients
  • Take advantage of financial opportunities presented by industry and regulatory reforms and incentive-based contracts
  • Reduce costs associated with the care of patients with chronic conditions
  • Coordinate treatments and patient actions for complex, chronic and co-morbid conditions

The Burlington, Vt., company develops its Diabetes Patient Engagement System (DPES) platform to manage information for diabetes patients and their health providers. The platform compiles lab and clinical data for each diabetes patient and provides reminders, reports and alerts to both patients and doctors. Founded in 2006 as Vermont Clinical Decision Support LLC, the company used the name Vermedx as its flagship software product at the time. After changing the company name to Vermedx, it now said the most recent switch to Patient Engagement Systems reflects the platform’s ability to serve the medical community and their partners.

Patient engagement is an ongoing process in which patients become invested in their own care. Engagement develops naturally when there is regular, focused communication between patient and provider, and it leads to behaviors that meet or more closely approach treatment guidelines. Patients engaged in their own care make fewer demands on the health care system and more importantly, they enjoy improved health.
Vermedx Dieabetes Information System is a disease management system specifically used for chronic diseases. This system is specialized for diabetes but other systems are made for various diseases following the Chronic Care Model 3c(CCM3). Vermedx works by getting blood test results from participating labratories and additional digital data sources to find diabetic patients. They system takes in the information from these various sources and relays information to the provider(physician), patient(you and me), and other information services. Getting the information from these sources requires no data entry from the patient or the provider. Also the system can link to existing EMRs, EHRs, and registries to increase their potential support to providers and patients clinical care.

How It Works
The VDIS uses an algorithmic engine to generate a Flow Sheet containing results from various health tests. All information from patients is processed and outliers are flagged and sent alerts of there current condition. These report is sent to both the patient and the health care provider to assure both sides are aware of the problems. The VDIS also tracks if patients set up appointment and sends reminders to patients and providers if an appointment is over due. All this information is stored on the patients Electronic Medical Record.


The most powerful Vermedx tool for managing a physician’s total diabetic population is the quarterly Population Report. This document provides a handy format for analyzing progress against improvement goals for both individuals and the entire population, and compares them to nationally established benchmarks.

Vermedx systems are currently used in larger cities such as New York and San Antonio. These two cities are the first to adopt the system, which is extremely help for the large amounts of people who have diabetes. Rural areas might have a harder time adopting the system because there is less of a need in less populated areas.

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