Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record - VLER

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The Department of Veteran Affairs and Department of Defense are taking steps to improve electronic health records that can eventually be used by doctors treating veterans in both government and private healthcare systems. The VLER is a pilot program started in 2009 to share interoperability of electronic health records. The first phase was to create a system that could be used by both the military and Department of Veteran Affairs which has been completed. The next phase is to make patients information made available securely through the Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) to private and public healthcare providers for military officers.


Ultimately create a system that contains medical information from the day an individual enters military service throughout their career, and after they leave the military. The focus is on informing direct care provisions by tracking and improving patient outcomes across all areas of care. Veterans will have range of access to MyHealtheVet where they can use the "blue button" to download demographic information, list of prescription mediation, emergency contacts and wellness reminders. The data can also be stored in personal health records that can be shared with healthcare providers.

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Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record
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