Term: Vitreoretinal Surgery

Description: Through the use of a virtual reality simulator, Vitreoretinal surgery can be done more precisely and have better results when completed. Retinal and vitreous surgery address problems such as Retinal Detachment and Interocular Infection. If the surgery is done at the right time it can be useful in preventing vision loss and total blindness. The procedure is EXTREMELY delicate and therefore benefits from the virtual reality simulator already in use in some institutions like the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary.
The virtual reality simulator provides 3-D images and 3-D environment for a surgeon to have practice with Vitreoretinal Surgery. The tool is important in opthalmology because it now gives future surgeons added comfort when they go to perfrom the actual surgery.

Applications: The virtual simulator for vitreoretinal surgery can be applied in cases where surgeons are just learning to do complicated surgeries.
2. It is applicable for Universities that may want to adopt such technologies and give their students a closely realistic view of actual surgeries.
3. It adds comfort to surgeons who are inexperienced or have a low comfort level when it comes to Vitreoretinal Surgery.

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Virtual reality simulator for vitreoretinal surgery


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Virtual Reality Simulator
Virtual Reality Simulator