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Vocera Inc is a wireless communications company that resides in San Jose, California. The application, the Vocera Communications Badge, is a wearable communication device that allows employees to instantly communicate with each other. It's a hands-free device that is controlled using simple voice commands. By just saying "Call" followed by the name of the person or department you're trying to locate the Vocera Communications Badge will instantly connect you to who you're trying to locate. The badge is not only limited to communication among employees, it also has the ability to make and receive telephone calls. The device runs on over a standard wireless LAN network using Vocera software. The Vocera Communications Badge can replace the modern paging system that hospitals. The Vocera system is a faster, more efficient, and more rconvenient form of communication than hospitals currently have. Rival companies include Sprint Nextel, Cisco Systems, Voalte, and IBM Global Services.

Vocera counts more than 600 hospitals and 400,000 users as its customers — Arkansas Children’s Hospital was one of the beta users of the Vocera smartphone:

- Instantly connects all hospital employees, increasing productivity
- Hands-free communication, controlled entirely by voice commands
- Can read and send text messages
- Can make and receive calls to and from external phone numbers

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