WebMD is an online medical search tool that started by just providing simple medical advice. Currently it has a symptom checker, pharmacy information,logo_webmd.gif detailed medicine information, the ability for one to create their own personal health record (PHR), and other new features.

WebMD has a staff who constantly updates the site by examining medical journals and health information that is passed through the medical community. They currently work hand in hand with MedicineNet.com to gather most of this information. They also seek help from an Independent Medical Review Board to ensure the site for accuracy.

WebMD states that they have 40 million viewers to their site every month.

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WebMD has multiple applications, where it can help people in almost any way of life.


WebMD displays journalistic articles to the public to read so that they may be better informed on various diseases, conditions, etc. If a user needed information a specific type of cancer, WebMD most likely has articles and explanations on that specific type of cancer to assist the user in better understanding it.

WebMD also participates in research by using surveys of users and message boards to help gather data for organizations in the medical community.

Symptom Checker

WebMD introduced a “Symptom Checker” to help determine what might be wrong with someone. It displays a human figure that you can click on to select where you are experiencing pain or discomfort, and also add different problems you are experiencing to help determine what possible ailments you may be suffering from.

Tips and Advice

WebMD will give dieting tips, work out advice, and seasonal advice whether it deals with influenza or allergy season. The tips and advice given are gathered from medical journals and usually written by board certified physicians to help the community keep themselves healthy.


You can also search for hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, and other medical pertaining advice.

Personal Health Record – WebMD

WebMD’s PHR combines your health record data with that of tips, advice, and journal articles to help keep you better informed on your health and to improve your health. Their site states the reasons you should create a PHR with them is:
  • To easily gather, store and manage lifelong personal health information
  • To share relevant information with authorized care providers
  • To maximize your health benefits

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