Term: caTIES (Cancer Text Information Extraction System)

caTIES stands for cancer Text Information Extraction System. It provides tools for de-identification and automated coding of free-text structured pathology reports. It also has a client that can be used to search these coded reports. The client also supports Tissue Banking and Honest Broker operations.

Essentially, caTIES is a database. This database accumulates information from Surgical Pathology Reports (SPRs) and makes the text of these reports searchable by users. The second function of caTIES is to provide a database of information surrounding tissue samples. Current cancer research is hindered by access to actual tissue. caTIES houses a database of searchable information regarding tissue samples located across the country. caTIES also enables researchers to contact the holders of theses tissues and request a sample for hands on research.

caTIES primary application is as an information database for canver researchers, centralizing data from the multitude of SPRs and tissue samples across the country. As such, caTIES can be utilized by a number of people:
- Attending Physicians
- Fellows
- Department of Pathology residents
- Translational researchers
- Oncologists
- Basic scientists
- Epidemiologists
- Molecular biologists
- Tissue bank personnel

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