ePrescribe Florida

(Electronic Prescriptions)
ePrescribe Florida is a collective of health industry stakeholders trying to push the use of electronic prescribing. They aim to increase physician knowledge of the benefits, use, training and implementation of electronic prescriptions. They also mean to make improvements to prescription accuracy through electronic management (typed prescriptions are much easier to read).
ePrescribe is attempting to establish an electronic medium of communication between physicians and pharmacies. Allowing for faster more accurate prescriptions and allowing the prescriptions to transcend not only a single doctor's office, but also state lines. ePrescribe lowers workload and time lost to unnecessary prescription renewals.
If a doctor or company has limited resources, adopting ePrescribing is still financially sound. The reason for this is that ePrescribe operates in a relatively low cost environment. .ePrescribing improves the level of care for all your members by providing easy access to a health plan’s formulary, eligibility and member prescription history. It basically makes you more efficient as a health provider and helps ensure patient safety all at once. The 3 things it aims to do is save time, save money and save lives.

ePrescribe is meant to lower costs and dangers associated with prescription medications through the use of information technology. It provides an automated renewal service for physicians to cut down on wasted time with unnecessary renewal authorizations (for instance asthma medications are going to stay the same for a long time). ePrescribe aims to improve prescription accuracy and safety, while simultaneously reducing costs through the use of electronic records.

Current Participants:
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida (BCBSF)
  • Humana
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • AvMed

ePrescribe Florida has a complicated operating structure that can be best illustrated by the following photo found on the ePrescribe website:

Operating Structure
Operating Structure

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