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FreeChart was originally a website offering free electronic charts for physicians. The company also offers premium service in cases where the FreeChart site was not sufficient or the extra offerings are desired. The original goal was to have all doctors switch to electronic charts (compatible with EHRs) in an effort to save doctors and patients time. The electronic storage aspect of FreeChart also provides the advantage of keeping physician charts consistent across the board.

Although FreeChart's company (Evolve Med) does provide a premium version of their EHR service, the free version could offer full functionality for any private practice. Alternatively, another primary purpose of the FreeChart services was to provide doctors a "beta" test to see if the FreeChart EHR service was worth upgrading to premium. The current state of freechart.com is essentially shut down.


Further research into the 1-800 number did not reveal why the website is down, but the fact that Evolve Med links to their site which provides only premium services indicates that the free service has been shut down in lieu of better success and adoption of paid services.

Since FreeChart is no longer offering new accounts, it is worth showing the paid services the same company, Evolve Med, offers:

"Voice-Enhanced Electronic Clinical DocumentationTM" i.e. "Talk Chart"
"Our structured documentation platform, TalkChartā„¢, provides a simple way to create an electronic note that matches the clinician's practice pattern and style. With voice-enhanced clinical documentation, physicians can drop in common phrases, past visit history, on-demand dictation, and create customized content, layout and shortcuts."

"PeerCharts OnlineTM"
"PeerCharts OnlineTM is a structured emergency medicine electronic charting platform designed to blend the efficiency of customized "normals" with the flexibility of free-form "positive" documentation of patient encounters. It provides a simple way to create an electronic chart that matches the userĀ“s practice pattern and style."

Applications for Electronic Medical Charts:
Allowing doctors to use electronic charts would help to save money since they will not need paper for each chart. Any time a patient comes in, physicians can easily access the appropriate chart on their computer or tablet, input new information, then store that chart on the individuals EHR or EMR. The free version fits all CMS documentation guidelines, meaning it follows all the necessary standards to be used in private/public practice. The premium version of FreeChart (TalkChart) looks more professional, allows EMR/EHR data to be imported to a chart, receives free software updates, and can be customized to reflect every physicians practice.

When it was available, the non-paid FreeChart services would have been an excellent option for doctors offices considering full adoption of electronic patient charts, but are not yet ready to make a financial investment.

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Below are two samples of the charts used in the non-paid FreeChart services.General_HandP.jpg