Health Informatics International

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HII is a recognized industry leader in clinical and financial systems and managed services in CKD, ESRD, and CDM. We have earned this reputation by dynamically teaming with our clients and aggressively developing fully integrated solutions that help make their jobs easier. Our experienced professional staff and commitment to client partnerships focus our vision clearly on today. HII’s reputation for listening to the "voice of our clients" confirms that we make planning for the future a top priority. All of this taken together has gained a wide market acceptance for HII assuring you that HII will be here to deliver the service, support, and solutions you need in order to make the most of your future opportunities.

The staff of Health Informatics Intl knows good software and hardware are only part of great information. The most important asset is the people who stand behind the information products. To promote the best use of information we emphasize training and education for our staff and our clients. HII offers its employees cross-training, tuition reimbursement programs, and certification programs. Newsletters to our clients, monthly support reports, articles in industry publications, monthly staff meetings, and our website are ways we circulate useful, timely information. Additionally, we have monthly client status meetings and annual client site visits by the Regional Account Executives. We focus on the bottom line of success: It’s Still About People.