The many establishments of the medical industry use advanced and therefor expensive equipment in their everyday operations. Obviously it is important that these investments are protected. Mobile Aspects is a company that provides technology solutions for the medical industry. iRISupply is one such solution that helps to protect the valuable equipment that the medical industry relies upon. iRISupply is one module of Mobile Aspects' iRISystem. Due to iRISupply's inherent ability to reduce the complexity of storage and tracking, it also serves as a cost cutting measure. Perioperative Services of the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital has claimed to have been able to reduce inventory costs by $230,000.


Essentially iRISupply is an equipment cabinet that incorporates security and efficiency technology. Items stored within the cabinet may only be accessed through secure means, such as magnetic or RFID badges. This ensures that only authorized staff are able to retrieve equipment. The actual items within are constantly accounted for using attached RFID tags. Software is used to check the status of the cabinet and its contents. The cabinets themselves are scalable, the shelving is adjustable, and the storage design is configurable.

Naturally, the software used to interact with the system is also provided by Mobile Aspects. iRISynergy is the web-based software portal for iRISupply, and the rest of the iRISystem for that matter. iRISynergy provides a number of useful features such as equipment location, inventory management, reports, and analysis. iRISupply now has a Mobile Cart which allows for an on-the-go solution to deliver medical devices and supplies directly to the point-of-care.

iRISupply cabinet. Source: Healthcare Purchasing News.
iRISupply cabinet. Source: Healthcare Purchasing News.
iRISupply process diagram. Source: Mobile Aspects
The iRISynergy software. Source: Mobile Aspects.

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