The iSp02 is a product from Masimo. It is a pulse oximetry cable and sensor. This device allows the user to measure blood oxygenation levels, pulse rate and perfusion index. Although not the first invention of its kind, Masimo has developed the first sensor that is IOS compatible. It allows the user to view data in a simple format and record and track their data history. It also allows users to export their data to .CSV files that can be used with programs such as Microsoft Excel.

Masimo as a company is dedicated to creating non-invasive patient monitoring technologies. The iSp02 allows users to track their stats on the go with a simple and easy to use tool that clips onto the finger. The device can currently be purchased on Amazon for around $200.00.

This product appeals to those who are concerned with fitness as well as people going into high altitudes. It allows a person to measure blood oxygen content which is invaluable information for someone going into a oxygen-thin location (such as mountain climbers). Another use for the iSp02 is for pilots. Since hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) is difficult to self diagnose this device would simplify the detection process and allow the user to manage the condition before it becomes life threatening.

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