Physician led ACOs are Accountable Care Organizations that are voluntarily put together and lead by primarily doctors or other medical practitioners. These organizations are dedicated to providing effective and long lasting quality care to patients while also reducing costs (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services). Physician led ACOs can be considered more patient-centered because they are focused on providing better care to patients before the resort to emergency or hospital care.
Physician led ACOs are on a “fee-for-service” basis, where medical practitioners pay in to the ACOs and their revenue is split equally, or dependent on how vital their practice is to the organization (Hertz, 2013). Bonuses are also given accordingly to provide incentives for membership.

Applications: Physician led ACOs are a part of health informatics because they need to utilize health information technology in order to successfully operate and provide effective health services. Production of a more connective HER is essential to the success of Physician led ACOs and ACOs in general. Physicians must also integrate a 24 hour phone line and/or messaging system, as well to cut costs and maintain the ACO(Hertz, 2013).

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A Look at Physician Led ACO's
The Case for Physician Led ACO's
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