Stanford Hosptial Virtual System

With many issues in the healthcare industry being brought forth in recent times, many in the healthcare world are looking to cut costs and improve efficiency. One solution that has been on the rise has been the use of Electronic Medical Records to be used within and amongst hospitals. Though the concept sounds simple enough, many hospitals and clinics have yet to implement this practice due to problems such as lack of funding and untrained staff.
Some hospitals and offices, however, have begun this transition. The Hospital that seems to stand out the most is Stanford Hospital, located in Palo Alto, California. Stanford has updated its hospital with the most up to date technology to help promote the use of IT with patient care. Recently, Stanford hospital was name the “Most Wired” Hospital by the annual Hospitals and Health Networks survey.
Stanford Hospital has hired local IT consulting firms to further create a virtual system that can be used for patient care. The goals of the hospital is to provide new services such as health analytic tools and patient-centered technology. The strive to be more interactive with patients from their home is evident in the hospitals website. Clinical services, physician information, and overall health information is easy accessible from the Stanford Hospital website.