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Zume Life is a newly developed program whose primary goal is to help patient's manage their own health. They do this through the use of two tools. The first is a small hand-held device called the Zuri. The second tool is a web portal. The Zuri has many features that help patients manage their own health. One thing it does is it reminds patients to take their medicine. Set to a specific time the Zuri will vibrate and beep when that time arrives. It has a screen which displays messages to help patients remember. This is good for patients who have an active life, and are constantly on the move. Not only does it help remind patients of daily medicine taking, it also acts as a recorder and records information about the patients daily health activities. The Zuri can also maintain the health status, exercise and diet plans. To record information into the Zuri is extremely simply and user friendly. All the patient needs to do is speak into the Zuri. Once recorded it sends that information to the web portal, or as Zume Life calls it, the Life Portal.

The Life Portal is the second main tool of the Zume Life program. The Life Portal however, is not as much for the patients use but more for their doctor's and family's use. The Life Portal is where all of the patient's health information is stored and accessible. The doctor can see the patient's current health status and trends. It allows the doctor to see what exercise the patient has done, what the patient has eaten, if the patient has missed taking any medications and the health consequence of that action. The Life Portal can also alert family members, who so chose, to be alerted if the patient's health begins degrading. The patient's caregivers can also leave motivational messages on the Life Portal to be displayed on the Zuri. By using the Zume Life program, patients can start preventing health degradation and maintain their maximum health status.

The Zume Life system helps you take more control role of your own well-being by connecting you and your caregivers through the "4R’s" of continuing self-care.
It helps patient:
- REMEMBER to do various health-related activities
- RECORD these activities
It helps doctors and caregivers:
- REVIEW on-going health patterns and the interrelationships among different activities
- RESPOND quickly to changes in health

  • Personal medication reminder
  • Records Diets, Exercise routines, and Health Status
  • Keeps Patient's On-Track of current Health Plan by constantly monitoring the patients health data.
  • Good for patient's that have chronic illnesses that require daily medication.
  • Ideal for a patient battling obesity, helps maintain a strict daily regiment of diet and exercise.

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The Four R's - Remember, Record, Review & Respond
The Four R's - Remember, Record, Review & Respond