=Term:TUG(Talking Robotic Cart)
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The TUG robot is an independent, automated transport system that delivers food, linens and other supplies and picks up used supplies for washing and sterilizing. The versatile TUG system attaches to and transports a wide variety of hospital carts and can be employed for any application and be attached to any of a series of carts (linens, dietary, waste, meds, lab).With the affordable, easy to implement automated TUG system, a facility can increase delivery efficiency, allowing clinicians to focus on patients and other staff to complete more essential, high-value tasks. And TUG’s smart enough to know when it needs more power, and it comes back automatically to the docking station for recharging. It can work for six hours without having to recharge. TUGs are programmed with a map of the hospital, and onboard sonar, infrared and laser sensors prevent them from running into people and other obstacles.


Increased productivity.

TUG operates around the clock, including nights and weekends. It does not get distracted while making a delivery, allowing it to accomplish more in less time. With TUG, your clinical team spends fewer hours running around and more time on essential patient-focused activities.

Enhanced patient care and satisfaction.

TUG frees your staff from “invisible” tasks, enabling you to refocus them on patient care. As a result, patients’ needs for responsiveness and personal attention are met more effectively.

Competitive advantage

A typical hospital spends $4 million annually for people to push carts delivering goods or removing refuse. One TUG, working two shifts seven days a week, saves the labor of 2.8 full-time employees and costs less than a single full-time employee, according to Aethon’s literature.

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