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Founded in 2002, The National Alliance for Health Information Technology was a group of people that came together for the purpose of use information technology to better health care. This group was made up of an extremely wide range of individuals of doctors, nurses, professors, purchasers, payers, EMTs, administrators, IT professionals, and many caring professionals. Their approach was to move forward in implementing for IT for health care is a basic three step plan. First they looked at the issues generally. Next they gathered input from numerous resources and then finally they looked at the areas where those resources overlap and determine to focus to those areas. They used many resources including lobbing congress in reference to making more of the health care systems electronic. The have been addressing issues such are EHR being more safe, more portable, more reliable, and a more healthy way to store information for the public.Their main focus that was on their website was to be "focused on how health care infommation technology can and will improve health care outcomes."

As of Sept 30, The National Alliance for Health Information Technology has ceased operation and their official website has been taken down. It's goal was to get everyone on the same page and build some common ground for implementation and adoption of health informatics. They were focused more on educating other people on the use of Health Informatics and how it can benefit them. The group's chief operating officer stated that the main reason that they were closing down was because the focus shifted from just educating to now implementing Health Informatics to everyone. According to sources, the NAHIT has claimed it has reached their goal. Some are saying that the NAHIT had been having financial problems and organization changes, and that its last remaining employee was its chief operating officer.

This farewell article was taken from the About Me section of the NAHIT's website right before they took down the website:

The National Alliance for Health Information Technology Is Ceasing Operation
AHA and CHIME to Continue Focus on HIT

Chicago, August 17, 2009—After playing a major role in elevating health information technology (HIT) into a leadership issue that is widely recognized as fundamental to achieving such national and organizational imperatives as world-class patient care and lower health care costs, the National Alliance for Health Information Technology is ceasing operation on September 30.

“In a few short years, NAHIT has accomplished its mission: HIT has moved front and center in efforts to reinvent and reinvigorate the U. S. health system,” says Jane Horowitz, NAHIT chief operating officer. “Going forward, the action is shifting from NAHIT’s focus on educating, advocating and building common ground to planning, implementing and using HIT to improving care, safety and efficiency.”

“Other organizations are better positioned to help providers with implementation,” says Horowitz. “In particular, the American Hospital Association (AHA) has close ties with hospital chief executive officers while the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) is the leading industry association for chief information officers. These organizations, both ongoing supporters of NAHIT, understand the tremendous value and need for HIT. They are devoting substantial resources for helping their members realize the potential of HIT and ensuring HIT is embedded in health care reform initiatives. We know that the AHA and CHIME will continue to advance the adoption of HIT.”

The picture for HIT was entirely different in 2002, when NAHIT was founded by leaders in all sectors, from providers and insurers to pharmaceutical companies and industry organizations. At the time, IT was a minor player in health care, and there was little to no momentum to harness technology to transform the industry. NAHIT, then, was created to forge consensus and accelerate progress on the use of IT to create the most effective, safe, unified, and inclusive health system possible.

With the expertise and efforts of its members, NAHIT tackled hot-button issues and built a solid track record of leading change. Its accomplishments include:

» Co-founding the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT.)

» Organizing a groundbreaking initiative to identify and coordinate the adoption of standards in the healthcare supply chain by creating the Healthcare Supply Chain Standards Coalition, which it merged with GS1 Healthcare US.

» Developing a consensus-driven definition of interoperability that has been adopted industry-wide and used in proposed legislative language

» Distilling and sharing HIT proven HIT best practices through its web sites, Idea Exchanges, Virtual Idea Exchanges, books, and host of other venues, and publishing Best Practices for Management and Board Collaboration in Health IT Adoption and Rules of Engagement: Proven Paths for Instilling, then Installing CPOE.

» Creating and maintaining the first directory of health IT standards, which it made public, and then donating the directory content to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

» Leading a successful effort to gain industry consensus on the use of bar codes for identifying medication, which shaped the final regulations from the Food and Drug Administration.

» Spearheading for the Office of National Coordinator development of consensus-based definitions for key healthcare information technology terms with the goal of furthering healthcare information technology adoption and the exchange of health information.

» Advocating for a voluntary and flexible system of unique patient identifiers.

---www.nahit.org/aboutNAHIT/farewell.asp (currently inactive)

The National Alliance for Health Information Technology is a senior leadership organization dedicated to leveraging the power of health information technology to dramatically improve the U.S. health care system. Drawing on the talents and experience of top executives from all sectors of health care, NAHIT identifies and develops strategies and best practices that empower hospitals, health systems and clinicians to effectively invest in and use electronic health records and other information technology. We accelerate progress by forging consensus among key decision-makers across health care that resolves critical issues impeding the widespread adoption of health information technology. NAHIT is a co-founder of the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT) and founder of the Healthcare Supply Chain Standards Coalition, now part of GS1 Healthcare US. For more information, visit www.nahit.org.

The Nation Alliance for Health Information Technology had many applications. Introducing more technology in hospital practices, implementing the EHR in doctors offices, and making senators more aware to technology that can save lives on capital hill. The sky was the limit for applications for this group, and it seems like they reached they did reach the "sky."

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