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In 2005, the American Health Information Community was chartered to make recommendations to HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt on the advancement and integration of health information technology in the United States. AHIC's overall mission is to work towards President Bush's goal for most Americans to have access to electronic medical records by 2014. Realizing that the American people must be involved in an endeavor such as this, a public-private successor to AHIC is being established. AHIC 2.0 will aim to bring together the best attributes and resources of both the public and private sectors. The goal of AHIC 2.0 is to unify the approach of Health IT initiatives to ensure a solid platform for the advancement of an interoperable nationwide health information exchange.

There are two implementation phases in place for AHIC 2.0 that began in January of 2008. Two million dollars have been allocated for the first phase, which is estimated to be completed in four months (approx. June '08). The main objectives of this phase will be to create AHIC 2.0's governing documents and to reach out to potential project stakeholders. The second phase will focus on implementing the objectives set forth in phase one. This phase, estimated to be complete by December '08, has a $4 Million allocation and will be paramount in the future success of AHIC 2.0. According to Dr. Robert Kolodner, the National Coordinator for Health IT, "the successful establishment of AHIC 2.0 in the private sector will ensure long-term success in the development of a nationwide health information network."

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