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Historically Health promotion can be dated back to the 19th century, when there was large amount of disease arise due to poor living conditions and lack of education (Kumar). Later in the 1945, a medical historian coined the term Health promotion. Now, Health Promotion is classified as a behavioral social science, which incorporate biological, environmental, psychological, physical and medical sciences. The term Health promotion is an umbrella for education-driven activities with a main mission and focus is promoting health and preventing disease, premature death and disability through voluntary behavior change activities (publichealth ).

Additionally, Health Promotions is the department involved in promoting public health, events around the hospital or organization, health awareness to the public and promoting personal health of patients and the public. Health Promotion focuses on public and group health rather than individual patients. Health Promotions is positive PR for a hospital or organization. It involves health awareness, promoting a change in lifestyle to become healthier, and a well-balanced and positive change in all aspects of life, depicted in Graphic B (O'Donnell). Health Promotions is in the communications department involved with prevention of chronic diseases, health equity, and surveillance and tracking of diseases, communication campaigns and social media outreach to the publics (Health Promotion).


Numerous of organization have created health promotion programs in order to better the welfare of their communities. According to John C. Erickson, CEO of Erickson Retirement Communities, organizations can guarantee effective worksite health programs by benchmarking and incorporating an evaluation system. This should be coupled with additional elements such as a program that focuses on skill development and lifestyle behavior change. A program that is aligned with the organizational values, norms, policies, and initiatives reinforce and support a healthy work culture; a program that are embedded effectively within the organizational structure; a program that is linking health promotion cross-functionally to other employee support services; a programs that help employees assess health risks ( What Is Health Promotion? ). However, there are variety of factors that contributes to the success of the program and which activities must be created in the program. For instance, these factors include culture, religion, age, gender, literacy and access to modern technology (Jahan, Health Promotion: Opportunities and Challenges ).

What are the importance of Health promotion? (publichealth)
· It improves the health status of all people from an individual level to a national level
· It increases the quality of life
· It reduces premature deaths
· It reduces the cost medial expense from an individual level to a national level for level

In context of health informatics for example, health promotion use informatics in many areas such as public health which includes monitoring, preventing, preparing and promoting health.
According to an article, like public health, health promotion works on information and technology issues from the perspective of groups of individuals to just individuals. Health promotion pay attention to features of public health that permit the development and practice of interoperable information systems for public health functions such as bio-surveillance, outbreak management, electronic laboratory reporting and prevention (Publichealth).

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