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Old Term: Medical Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing involves many people working together to complete one task. One of the biggest works of crowdsourcing that you almost every day is Wikipedia, instead of hiring writers for each entry people are free to update and modify as needed.

Crowdsourcing can be broken down into two main types, explicit crowdsourcing and Implicit Crowdsourcing. Explicit crowdsourcing means that participants are working on a particular item like a book, webpage, or other item. Implicit crowdsourcing happens when participants use crowdsourcing to solve a problem that was a found during another task.


There are many uses of crowdsourcing for medical use, social networking sites that deal with patient to patient interaction are usually using crowd sourced information. Some sites might include PatientLikeMe and Everyday Health. Because this information is not peer reviewed some of the information may be Unreliable or Inaccurate, but even so much of the information can be helpful to the patient.

Sites like CrowdMed are popping up to help people solve their medical mysteries. Patients submit their case including symptoms, medical history, and previous test results that might give further information to the community. The medical detectives on the site can read through all this information and ask the patients questions on an as needed basis. At the end of the process the patient is given a report that will include possible treatments, and suggestions all with supporting medical references.

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